Previously known as the Gun Violence Prevention Network, in 2013 this was the first intentional and national effort to reach out to young people on the issue of gun violence. At the 2016 third annual Fight4AFuture Summit, we rebranded the Gun Violence Prevention Network to the Fight4AFuture Network, as we make an intentional effort to incorporate criminal justice reform in our work.

Do you want to make a difference in your community? Do you care about issues like gun violence prevention, criminal justice reform, and community investment? Then join the Fight4AFuture network and connect with a world of activists, elected officials, advocacy organizations, and more who are dedicated to creating change.

The Generation Progress Fight4AFuture Network is a network of people passionate about gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform. Our movement is:

  • Inclusive, diverse, and sensitive to the urgent needs of communities most impacted by violence and inequality
  • Led by young people who are motivated to address violence and inequality at the root
  • Not willing to trade away genuine security for the appearance of safety
  • Committed to uplifting the vitality and power of communities fighting against violence and inequality, not just their struggles

Join a movement of activists, artists, students, elected officials, young professionals, and more from around the country who are passionate about making our communities safer and more equal!



REPORT: Ten Ways the New Congress Can Act for Young People

As the 116th Congress works to frame their priorities for the next two years, members of Congress must center young people in their policy proposals and legislation.

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State of Our Union 2019

In his Tuesday State of the Union address, President Trump will surely list his accomplishments and successes. But regardless of the results that he’ll discuss, young people know that his policies benefit the wealthy and powerful, not America’s youngest generations.

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Fighting for Our Future: A Series of Case Studies

With inaction from federal and state leaders, young people are mobilizing to find and implement solutions to the issues that impact our generation. Gunfire is one of the top killers of young people in the United States, and young people understand that to end the gun violence epidemic, solutions must be placed in context with the criminal justice system and policing practices.

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