Map Key
  • Less than 13
  • 13.1 - 14
  • 14.1 - 15
  • 15.1 - 17
  • More than 17
The ratio of the share of income going to the top 20 percent of households and the share of income going to the bottom 20 percent of households in 2019
State Income Inequality Ratio Rank
Utah 11.31st
Idaho 11.62nd
South Dakota 11.93rd
Wisconsin 12.34th
Nebraska 12.45th
Wyoming 12.66th
Iowa 12.67th
Alaska 12.78th
New Hampshire 12.79th
Minnesota 12.910th
Maine 13.011th
Kansas 13.312th
Vermont 13.313th
Hawaii 13.714th
Oregon 13.815th
Montana 13.816th
Indiana 13.817th
Colorado 13.918th
North Dakota 14.019th
Delaware 14.120th
Washington 14.121st
Arizona 14.222nd
Michigan 14.423rd
Missouri 14.624th
Ohio 14.625th
Maryland 14.826th
Arkansas 15.027th
Tennessee 15.228th
Nevada 15.329th
West Virginia 15.330th
North Carolina 15.331st
Oklahoma 15.432nd
Rhode Island 15.533rd
Virginia 15.534th
Florida 15.534th
Pennsylvania 15.636th
Texas 15.737th
South Carolina 16.138th
Kentucky 16.139th
Georgia 16.340th
Alabama 16.541st
New Mexico 16.642nd
Illinois 16.743rd
New Jersey 16.744th
Mississippi 17.445th
California 17.445th
Massachusetts 18.247th
Connecticut 19.148th
Louisiana 20.149th
New York 21.850th
District of Columbia 26.351st