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Research 5.10.18

Bill of Rights for Criminalized Workers

JustLeadershipUSA’s #WORKINGfuture campaign outlines a “Bill of Rights” for workers with criminal records. The Bill of Rights proposes a new way of thinking about the rights of formerly incarcerated people, rooted in the principles of dignity, restorative justice, and economic security and mobility. #WORKINGfuture is an economic justice campaign to break down collateral consequences and promote investment in the community, spearheaded by leaders who have been affected by the criminal justice system.

Research 5.1.18

Closing the Delivery Gap

Thousands of Californians are eligible to have their criminal records sealed, but many are still missing out on the opportunity. However, it’s not for lack of will—many simply don’t know they’re eligible, can’t afford a lawyer, or get lost in red tape. The automatic sealing of criminal records offers a solution to this problem.

News 4.24.18

Meek Mill is exhibit A of nation’s broken probation system

Award-winning rapper Meek Mill has been released from a Pennsylvania prison, after spending months behind bars for a minor violation of the terms of his probation. The musician’s experience has helped shine light on the failings of the American community supervision system, which imposes unnecessarily prohibitive restrictions on the lives of millions of Americans, setting them up to be reincarcerated.

News 4.16.18

Simplifying How the Courts Seal Criminal Records

With clean slate, Pennsylvania has the chance to provide real criminal justice reform. The clean slate process uses technology to automatically seal the records of certain criminal records, saving thousands of dollars in government resources and funds. The initiative has gained bipartisan support and has the potential to give second chances to thousands of Pennsylvanians.